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Organisation development

The purpose of organizational development is to promote the implementation of the corporate vision and strategy by developing appropriate organizational solutions. The future of the company, the achievement of results depends essentially on the knowledge, skills, creativity and motivation of the people, and combinations thereof. The future of the company is determined by the sum of individual performances. In organizational development we work on ensuring that the organizational conditions promote the development of the individual skills as much as possible, and that the individual performances enhance the organization in all areas as much as possible.


Training is built up as a development process. In our experience, for the training to have an effective long-term impact, the steps required for the desired change and the methods associated with them should be combined in a single process. Without proper preparation and follow-up the impact of the training is significantly reduced. Based on the preparation we can build an efficient training curriculum customized to the group, and during follow-up we can address any individual difficulties arising during the changes and make the knowledge really applicable to everyday tasks. In the training processes we can work particularly efficiently on the development of specific competencies.


In organizational development we approach the coaching programs with a view to achieving the organizational objectives. Coaching can contribute to the corporate results by increasing personal efficiency. During coaching we work together with the participants on strengthening the professional role, the issues arising at the individual level, the solution of specific difficulties, the mobilization of personal resources and energies, and the creation of new solutions. Essential components of our coaching process are an atmosphere of trust as well as the special coaching methodology. The coaching method is based on deepening understanding, finding possible solutions and identifying and overcoming barriers.