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Organizational development

- What if we built the solution that people support and love?
- What if we were to do things that would make the staff happy?
- What if the leaders were not thinking how to get people to do what they don't want, but they would start with what people would like to see?
-What if we were to set up a happy company, thinking about the business as freely as never before?

Today most organizations develop their plans and operational frameworks without involvement. And they loose the true motivation of all colleagues. Different tools can partially induce people to do what management wants them to, but they do not identify with what is happening. Globally, only 5% to 15% of all employees are engaged. Genuine employee engagement can release enormous energies and achieve the same or much better results.

Basic principles of successful organizational change
- partnership, involvement of stakeholders in each area, joint development of operations
- adult-adult communication, peer-to-peer relationships
- sincerity, no secrects to anyone in the company
- joint development of objectives
- personal considerations: success through happiness
- everyone should be a part of the success, along the lines of proportionality and directness


How can we work together?
Personal consultation on your plans (2 hours).
Individual counseling to build your own work.
Leadership consulting to transform your business, your team.
Organizational development, full support for overall change.
You are welcome to contact us for a unique offer of cooperation or consultation time options!