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Organizational development

The purpose of organizational development is to promote the implementation of the corporate vision and strategy by developing appropriate organizational solutions. The future of the company, the achievement of results depends essentially on the knowledge, skills, creativity and motivation of the people, and combinations thereof. The future of the company is determined by the sum of individual performances. In organizational development we work on ensuring that the organizational conditions promote the development of the individual skills as much as possible, and that the individual performances enhance the organization in all areas as much as possible.

The organizational development process we use:

Identification of objectives

Together with the corporate management we review the main corporate objectives, the organizational conditions required to achieve these objectives, and the specific organizational development objectives. We examine current conditions and determine which areas need attention, whether there are structural issues or necessary changes to be made. We also assess what kind of organizational culture exists, what values, habits, behaviours may need to be changed. We evaluate the given resources, the knowledge and skills present in the organization, and determine to what extent they serve to advance the objectives.


When necessary, the information obtained about the current state of affairs can be clarified by a survey. We can carry out an in-depth survey of the organizational and individual skills in a given  area.

Development planning

The development plan pairs specific development processes with organizational development objectives. The development process necessary for stimulating change contains the details required for making  informed decisions. These have all been worked out as regards time/method/expenses/expected result.

Development process

The development process is structured in such a way so as to bring about the desired change as the collective result of several successive steps. In the development process the internal HR activities and the involvement of external resources – consultancy projects, workshops, training, coaching – can be synergistically combined.


The results of a development process are evaluated throughout the process and subsequently as well by predetermined performance indicators and queries. The evaluations provide important feedback on the efficiency of the process, as well as guidance for continual improvement.