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Personal consulting

Discover what you want in life!
- if you are part of a malfunctioning system, it will not make you happy
- what is missing from your life right now will not be created by continuing to do so
- listen to what is missing
- identify what gives you energy
- build your life and your days as you see fulfilling

Transform your own work!
- Feel and imagine how you personally would like to work
- Realistically plan how to translate this into practice
- find where it is possible - if it is not there, create it

What can I support:
Creating your personal vision.
Creating your own work that makes you happy.
Developing the structure of your business, your company, the team you run: creating an organization based on adult-adult relationships, partnership, sincere communication, and profit sharing.


How can we work together?
Personal consultation on your plans (2 hours).
Individual counseling to build your own work.
Leadership consulting to transform your business, your team.
Organizational development, full support for overall change.
You are welcome to contact us for a unique offer of cooperation or consultation time options!