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The future of companies, enterprises is determined more than anything else by the vision of the executive. During executive coaching the coach supports the executive in making decisions based on a clear vision. A vision is clear if it can mobilize the internal commitment, emotional energy of the executive, it is in line with his/her personal beliefs and convictions. The division of our internal energies results in conflicting emotions, causing implementation to always lack that extra spark which enables us to create outstanding solutions in a given situation. During coaching we deal with getting stuck, the missing links and all sorts of challenges. The coaching process helps to surface, clarify and analyze the complexity of the situation at hand, and to determine the direction of the next step. The specific steps leading to implementation can be based on the executive's own personal convictions, on the understanding of his/her situation and goals. During executive coaching we deal primarily with how an executive can set up his/her own organizational vision in a self-identical manner, and how he/she can be a credible leader of the changes, how he/she can influence the organization with his/her behaviour.